For this episode, I am joined by two awesome guests – Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a good friend and client of mine for 18 years now. He is a very successful cosmetic surgeon in the sunny land of northern California and CEO of his own skin care line, Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care. Fitness has been a passion of his for a very long time for a variety of reasons that we get into in our chat, including some fascinating insights from his perspective as an MD and surgeon. I also speak with Ryan Parker, a CrossFit Level 2 trainer who just happens to be Stan’s trainer at Crossfit North Gate in Santa Rosa, California. Ryan has a tremendous background in fitness and health, not just as a trainer but as an endurance athlete long before he found the world of crossfit. They’re an interesting couple of guys that are deeply passionate about what they do.

As always, I am your host, your sherpa on this journey, Jean St-Amand. I myself am a CrossFit-L1 trainer and Catalyst Athletics L1 certified weightlifting coach, a masters athlete, a husband, a dad, a small business owner in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. With this podcast, I talk to people from all corners of the fitness community about getting healthy, happy, fit, staying active and independent and all the other great benefits of making fitness part of your life.

It’s time to workout the muscle between your ears – it’s a WOD for your brain. As always, we’ll get started in 10 seconds for my talk with Dr. Stanley Jacobs and Ryan Parker about their fitness stories and what’s next for each of them.

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