For this episode, I am joined by two success stories from my home Box, Osprey Athletics. They are certainly not the only ones, but I picked Gareth and Amanda to chat with for two simple reasons – I think their stories are inspiring and accessible and I think their willingness to share their experience just may inspire change in others. They are both Masters athletes that are relatively new to CrossFit – both under a year in their journeys. Each decided for their own reasons to recover some of the fitness they had slowly seen disappear from their lives over a long period of time – and that is a common story for many of us. What’s uncommon is the way they have both very impressively thrown themselves, heart and soul, into their commitment to fitness. They’re seeing results, it excites them, and they work even harder. And the Crossfit community around them at Osprey is enjoying cheering them on.

So get ready for this WOD for your ears. It’s go-time in 10 seconds. If you have ever doubted your ability to get fit, my chat with these two really should put your fears to rest.

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