Mixing 40 with CrossFit

I’ve found that discovering your inner athlete when you’re a bit more “mature” isn’t the worst thing in the world. This site is full of advice, reviews, tips, box visit chronicles and stories from an over-forty Crossfit athlete and CF-L1 Trainer and Catalyst L1 weightlifting coach.

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BoxJumper Podcast 09: Food for Everyday Life and Fitness, with Registered Dietician Laurie Barker Jackman

Food is what fuels you – and that fuel has to be a high quality balance of ingredients for you to perform well, whether in your every day life or in your intense workouts. And there are different needs to fuel each. In this episode, I speak with Registered Dietician, Laurie Barker Jackman about the ins and outs of nutrition applied to everyday living, how to better fuel your workout, and how to actively plan meals that make nutrition less sweat and more science.

Boxes I’ve jumped to and in so far…

Rocky Lake Barbell

labour day WOD group photo

Rocky Lake Barbell
275 Rocky Lake Dr #14, Bedford, NS B4A 2T3

Apple Valley Crossfit

Apple Valley Crossfit
1562 Newcombe Blvd.
Kentville, NS
B4R 1A1


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Crossfit Exertion

Crossfit Exertion
9 Symonds Rd.
Bedford, NS
B4B 1J5


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Crossfit Bardown

387 Bluewater Road
Bedford, NS

Head coach: Brian Emanuel
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Blended Athletics

580 Wright Avenue
Dartmouth, NS

Head Coach: David Rafuse

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Crossfit Bluenose

241 Pictou Rd
Truro, NS

Head Coaches:
Robert “Johnny” Hunka
Mallory Colpitts
Justin Russell


Crossfit Mousetrap

8570 Palm Pkwy
Orlando, FL

Owner: Joe Vaughn
Head Coach: Michelle Van Dyke


Celebration Crossfit

58 Riley Road
Celebration, FL

Owner: Erik Lipetz


Crossfit Arise

7830 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
95492 USA


Crossfit Sav-Up

1075 Lakeville St
Petaluma, CA
94952 USA

Head Trainers: Nick and Dustin Pappas


Crossfit NorthGate

538 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, California
95401 USA

Owner: Shannon Tracey


Crossfit Invictus

1401 E Street
San Diego, CA
92101 USA


Bear Republic Crossfit

840 G Street
San Diego, CA
92101 USA

Owners: OJ Washington, Joseph Proffitt, Erich Wallis


Crossfit Halifax

91 Saskatoon Drive
Halifax, NS
B3M 3H8 Canada

Owner & Head Trainer: Tannaya Hantelman


Crossfit Ironstone

2631 King Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 4T7 Canada

Owner & Head Coach: Patrick Horsman


Crossfit OnSide

110 Chain Lake Drive #3d
Halifax, NS
B3S 1A9 Canada

Owners: Jenny Jeffrey, Nathan Jeffrey


902 Athletics

446 York Street
Bridgewater, NS
B0R 1G0 Canada

Owner & Head Coach: Joel Holland


CrossFit Jono

15 School Street
Sydney, NS B1S 3G1

Owners & Operators: Josh & Charisse Carabin


CrossFit Actus

1590 Liverpool Court (Bay 6)
Ottawa, ON K1B 4L2

Owner/Head Coach: Jonathan Di Pierro


CrossFit Crux

118 Sandiford Dr Unit 2
Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5

Owners: Cindy and Sean Allinson


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