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My first visit to Blended Athletics in Dartmouth

My first visit to Blended Athletics in Dartmouth

Location Easy to find if a bit out of the way, ample parking and very large, professional and effectively used space Equipment An abundance of equipment befitting its size Instruction Dave was excellent, attending to every athlete throughout the workout and scaling...

My Visit to Crossfit Bardown for their weekend partner WOD

Location Easy to find, ample parking for its size, building is quite new Equipment Lots of gear to go around, multiple truck tires outside Instruction Maria was very sharp and had a great sense of the mechanics of each movement. Vibe Very inclusive and friendly, and...
A visit with Crossfit Exertion in Bedford

A visit with Crossfit Exertion in Bedford

Location Very easy to find, parking a little light but serviceable, very large square footage Equipment Lots of bars and plates, very large rig, good number of rowers Instruction Gordon was top notch and attentive to all athletes, including me – the guest Vibe...
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