Elite Surge Jump Rope


Very good. $29.95 on Amazon

Build Quality

Excellent. Handles are very well made and light, rope is adjustable.


Ball bearing heads on the handles help the rope spin. Lots of colors to choose from.

The quality of this jump rope is excellent. And I can do single unders at a break-neck speed. I just haven’t managed double unders with consistency yet, and that may have as much to do with me as it does the rope. The rope is very light, and spins very fast, aided by the ball bearing handle tops. The grips are very thin and light – think pencil or slightly thicker – with a slight texture that’s comfortable to hold onto.

The rope adjusts easily, with a permanent stop attached to one end and an adjustable stope on the other, held in place with a tiny screw. You can work out the length you need gradually and trim off the excess with wcrecutters. The handle tips are a lightweight aluminum with a polished finish, with a pretty decent number of colors available to choose from (just the tips come in colors – the handle grip is always black).

What don’t I like?

A heavier rope option would help for a beginner like me

This rope turns fast. And that may be, at least in part, why I am still in search of the elusive double unders. I know at some point my rhythm will simply click, but having some options for rope weight with these great handles would be useful, I think, and mirror what Rogue offers with its Rx ropes. A heavier rope, I’m told, makes double unders a little easier for a beginner to achieve and then progress to a lighter rope like this. When you buy via Amazon, there are no options for rope weight. On the manufacturer’s website directly, there are five different weights available – but it’s comparatively more expensive to buy on their site.

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