Mango Leather Gymnastic Grips


Pretty Good. At $18.99 on Amazon, that’s pretty reasonable for keeping your pull-up grab comfortable.

Build Quality

Excellent. The grip material is firm and durable.


Simple design. The material between the fingers being as firm as it is will hopefully soften a little over time.

The first couple of times I wore these for pull-ups, I flew. It may have been the novelty of not having to think about my crib as much, and the fact that I was nursing some pretty uncomfortable calluses at the time. Since those first trials, I have used the gymnastic grips only sparingly. But they absolutely work. I just wish I had gotten the proper size. Size not withstanding, they’re quite comfortable and do a great job making your grip more comfortable, particularly for pull-ups. For kettle bell work, I wasn’t a fan – I need to feel the handle more than these allow for my taste.

What don’t I like?

Size matters

When buying them on Amazon, unlike the Fit Four Gripper Gloves, this manufacturer did not supply any kind of fitting chart. And so I thought large/extra-large would be right for me because small/medium struck me as too small for me. I was wrong. Or I assume I was, because large/extra large is a bit too big.

Durable, firm material is a bit uncomfortable between the fingers

Maybe this will soften over time with use, but the firmness of the grip material is a bit harsh between the fingers – or at the very least at the width it is on the large/extra large model it is. The firmness of the material will undoubtedly extend the life of the grips overall, but when it’s between your fingers, it can be a bit uncomfortable. I find it more so on my right hand than my left for some reason – I’m sure it has more to do with the grip of my hand than any difference between the gymnastic grips themselves.

Transitions are slow

If you need to take these off and on between exercises in a WOD, you may not like these too much. Of you may have to get creative and simply pull your fingers out and let them hand from your wrists, because taking them on and off fully is no more convenient than changing your sweat drenched shirt between exercises.

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