Pro Source Ab Mat


Very good. For $26.59, it’s only a little cheaper than Rogue’s Ab Mat.

Build Quality

Excellent. The vinyl is pretty thick and the foam core is very firm.


Has a nice curve to it and the foam core is solid.

People that work out in the gym have different ways of handling ab workouts. I like an ab mat of this basic design for the simplicity of it and because it really is effective in helping to target your core. The mat fits into the curvature of the lower back and provides a nice stretch/extension that then forces the abs to engage a bit earlier than the “traditional” sit-up. The ab mat is light weight and fairly small so it’s great piece of equipment to have – especially at the price – so you can crank out some sit-ups at home. If you aim to do sit-ups at a faster pace, you will find the levering action this type of ab mat provides will put a little pressure on your tailbone area, so depending on what you’re wearing and what kind of floor you’re on, you could rub that area a little raw, so you may want to adjust your pacing accordingly or put a small floor mat underneath you while you’re at it.

What don’t I like?

Durability over the long term unclear

It’s not a soft leather like the Rogue option, but instead a heavy vinyl so time will tell whether it will have the same durability. That’s not a complaint, but an observation. So far, it’s holding up perfectly well.

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