Shinnovate Shin Guards


Decent. They’re form the US, so by the time you pay the exchange and shipping, they’re about $55.

Build Quality

Very good. The outer sleeve is well stitched and the plastic liner is solid but flexible.


I like that they cover only the front so you don’t get too hot wearing them.

I really only wear them when I’m deadlifting because it’s the only time I’m lifting heavy enough from the floor that I feel I’m putting my shins in harm’s way. And the nice thing is you can quickly put these on without taking off your shoes – they’re not a full sleeve but a half sleeve with velcro straps.

As a person who runs a bit warm during a WOD, I really like these things. They’re a very light, breathable material and they cover only what they have to cover – your shins. Flexible, elasticized straps wrap around the back, and they can be trimmed to remove excess once you know your comfort zone for size.

Importantly, they have a then, flexible plastic sheet that goes inside the outer sleeves wrapping around your shin comfortably and providing excellent protection. I used to scrape up my shins doing deadlifts, but not any more. And I’m not holding much additional heat in because these cover only my shins, leaving the backs of my legs uncovered aside from the straps holding these on. They’re very comfortable and do exactly as advertised.

What don’t I like?

Only 3 colors to choose from currently

This is nitpicky, but a few more colors to choose from wouldn’t hurt. It’s only the stitching color you get to choose – yellow, green or grey. Grey seems the most universal to me.

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