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PUR Athletics Textured Foam Roller


Decent. I got mine on sale for 50% off for just $25 before tax, so for me, the value is outstanding.

Build Quality

Excellent. The core is very thick and strong, and the foam is dense and durable.


It’s nice that this one has two different surfaces, a bumpy one for deeper more aggressive penetration and a flat one for a gentler touch.

I’ve been finding recovery from workouts a bit tougher as I age, and so mobility/stretching has become even more important as I work out more. And I do find that certain inexpensive pieces of equipment make the mobility work a bit easier – or at least I’m encouraged to do them a bit more. This foam roller is a great example of that. For more movements, I can just relax my body weight into the roller and let it do most of the work. Whether I’m rolling out my quads or my back and shoulders, I find body weight mobility movements more relaxing and effective.

My shoulders in particular still need a lot of work. I work on a computer for a living – it’s been that way since 1997. And my posture while working on a computer certainly doesn’t help matters. So my shoulders are constantly tight and rolled forward. I have to really think about pushing them back, which makes squats of various kinds, and overhead barbell work, a real challenge. So in addition to lacrosse ball work on my scaps and traps, I find rolling my back and shoulders over this roller – which fortunately is just a little narrower than my torso – works really well.

What don’t I like?

Firmness may be too much for some

The foam being as firm as it is does make this one a bit tender when on the bumpy section, but everyone will feel different about that one, particularly depending on what workout they did before rolling out and what body part they’re rolling. On my back and shoulders, I really like it. On my legs, particularly the outside, it’s perhaps a little more aggressive than I’m comfortable with. But I expect to get used to it eventually and I simply start by using the flat surface first and work my way up to the bumpy one.

Size is right for me, but I’m not huge

A broader person may find this roller does’t quite go wide enough. At 13 inches, it’s just right for me, as that’s basically the same measure as my back. But I’m all of 5 foot 6 and 165 pounds. A larger person, particularly if broader across the back, may find it does’t quite work for them.

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