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Thanks for helping me master box jumps

Believe it or not, the photo isn’t that far off. It was toward the end of the WOD and we had box jumps to do – and I was pretty exhausted already – I’d only really been back at it for a couple of weeks. I caught my toe on the way up just as I was about to start coming down. So rather than jam my shin into the box, I used the leg that had landed right to push off – big mistake. That made my already off-kilter balance even worse and I basically swan-dived from the top of the box and did a half belly flop, pinning my right arm under my rib cage as I landed with a crunch.

Yep. Crunch. I got up really slowly. And i actually finished the workout with step ups rather than jumping any more. I had broken my ribs before, so i knew what it felt like. This felt damn familiar. I decided to get it checked out by my family doctor rather than bother the ER with it, and without the need for an x-ray, the doctor confirmed I had at the very least cracked one or two ribs. Lovely.

But that didn’t stop me from working out. I simply scaled my workouts as well as I could.

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