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For day twelve, we have a theme! 12 minutes of 12 reps of each of a lower body, a middle body and an upper body movement, with lots of variations on each for added intensity.


  • 12 Walking lunges
  • 12 Crunches
  • 12 Push-ups


No gear needed if you want to do all three with just bodyweight. You may want a wall, chair, or countertop for the push-ups to avoid taking full bodyweight, and if you want to scale up the crunches, you may want a set of dumbbells or a pull-up bar – but all fo the above are entirely optional.

Scaling up for intensity

For walking lunges

  • Aim for the greatest range of motion you can achieve for starters (i.e. deeper lunge)
  • You can do the lunges with weight in your hands
  • You could do jumped switch lunges

For crunches

  • Scale up to full sit-ups or atomic sit-ups
  • If you have a pull-up bar, consider hanging knee raises or toes-to-bar

For push-ups

  • Aim for the greatest range of motion you can achieve for starters (i.e. more of your body weight, by planking from a lower position to begin the push-up)
  • Add range of motion by switching to a deficit push-up by using handles (dumbbells)
  • Take even more body weight by starting from a decline position
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