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Todays working includes a little unilateral work (loading of one side of the body at a time), mixed with a bit of heart rate raising cardio is on deck for today’s workout.

Workout: 6-10 rounds (3-5 per side)

  • 8 Single Arm Power Clean and Press
  • 8 Single Arm Front rack squat
  • 30 seconds of Shuttle walk/run


You really just need a weighted object you can hold in a single hand that doesn’t present challenge to hold at shoulder height after the power clean. A heavy-is can from your pantry is a good option if you don’t have a dumbbell or kettlebell handy. You’ll use if for the clean and press and for the front rack squat.

Ideally you’ll perform the workout where you have a fairly long/wide room or a hallway you can use for the 30 second shuttle walks/runs – or even do the workout outside if you can – keeping in mind that you can’t wander too far from your timer to get your 30 seconds counted correctly.

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