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I sit down with Mike and Anita Connors, professional physiotherapists with a growing practice with multiple offices in the Halifax area. We chat about how they discovered CrossFit and some of the natural synergies they see between physiotherapy and CrossFit that they’re incorporating into their practice, and that CrossFit coaches are able to bring to their athletes.

Show Notes

A few links for you to check out for things that we discussed in this episode…

First, we mentioned Judy Gelber, who runs Forward Movement Analysis and Rehabilitation – she ran the excellent “Movement Analysis of the Function Fitness Athlete” course that we all attended at Osprey back in June and it’s a course she travels with periodically. You can learn more at – there are links to her on facebook, twitter and instagram there.

We also talked about the Physios In CrossFit facebook group – it’s a private group, so while you can search it up, you have to request access to join and it’s a closed group specifically intended for the Physiotherapy professionals out there. Worth searching up for sure, and Judy Gelber, which I just mentioned, is one of the founders and administrators of that group.

Another group that is worth mentioning though we only glanced over mention of them in our discussion is a group called PT on ICE, which stands for Institute of Clinical Excellence. They also conduct seminars and continuing education courses, both online and live, and they have a podcast called PT on ICE. You can learn more by searching for the podcast on your favourite podcasting platform or you can visit

And of course if you would like to learn more about Mike and Anita’s practice, you can find them online at and or follow them on Instagram or facebook (search for them by their practice names).

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