For this, my 10th episode, I decided to do a deeper dive on nutrition, building on our last episode with Registered Dietician Laurie Jackman. In that episode, you may recall I made it clear that while I generally eat pretty healthy I don’t use a lot of measurements to back up my choices. Then, my gym buddy Gareth Stephenson, who was a guest on episode 2, hit a rather remarkable milestone – the scale confirmed he has lost 100 pounds since starting CrossFit. And he did it specifically to get better at his workouts. I have a similar goal, but I haven’t been as committed as Gareth’s progress has shown. His nutrition had an obvious impact on his fitness and his performance in the gym.

So I’d have been crazy not to follow up on Gareth’s progress in light of this accomplishment, and so i had planned to bring him back on the podcast anyway for an update. But then a funny thing happened – he got internet famous thanks to CrossFit HQ reposting the video I produced for Osprey Athletics about Gareth’s story.

So some of you may actually have seen one of my guests on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even Global TV Maritimes thanks for that flurry of interest. How did he do it? Well it was with a lot of hard work and a very specific approach to diet. Which is why we’re joined for this episode by his diet consultant on his journey, Monica Miller, who represents the Ideal Protein Diet (Ideal Protein Tantallon and Momentum Wellness), a keto-based diet system that helps clients zero in on burning fat. And in Gareth’s case in particular, with discipline, it worked exceptionally well.

So for this episode, we get serious about the science of macros by chatting with Ideal Protein Diet advisor Monica Miller and her web-famous client Gareth Stephenson who used this diet to help fuel change in his body, his mind and his performance in the WOD. It 10 seconds, we’ll dive into the journey Gareth took that resulted in CrossFit HQ sharing his story with others.

The Video About Gareth’s Journey that Caught CrossFit HQ’s Attention

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