If you have a Crossfit athlete of just about any level in your life, they’re probably somewhat enthusiast about it. And so they would almost always be very appreciative of just about any acknowledgement of their passion in the form of a gift at Christmas, ranging from stocking stuffer to building their own box in the garage.

With that in mind, here are some quick and dirty ideas for various budgets that you can consider solid gift ideas for your crazy Crossfitter.

The gift of kettle bell

Gift Ideas By Budget

Fundamentals ($)

anywhere from $15 to $75

Scale ($$)

commonly from $75-200

Rx ($$$)

often from $200 – $750

Pro ($$$$)

plan on $1000 or more

Fundamentals ($) – anywhere from $15 to $75

  • Beginner jump rope

    Jump ropes are pretty personal, but entry-level ropes are generally inexpensive but don’t expect them to be used for long because you’re not likely to master double unders with these. They’re just serviceable for basic jump rope needs.

  • Wrist wraps

    Generally one size fits all, but there are some that come in small versus large size dependent on the circumference of the wrist, which usually can be ball-parked pretty easily by the fit of their shirt sleeves.

  • Ab Mat

    A general purpose piece of equipment that every cross fitter could easily use at home.

  • Weightlifting belt

    Not everyone needs one, but it’s a handy to have piece of equipment when going for a 1 rep max. They can be nylon or leather, with or without padding, and available in various sizes and fits.

  • Pumice stone

    Available even at the local drug store, these are handy to have to minimize the discomfort of callouses.

  • Socks

    Inexpensive and the more outrageous and fun they are, the more likely they are to get worn. Crazy socks are increasingly common at the box and if they’re ling and cover your shins, they double as a bit of protection.

  • Gymnastic grips

    Various sizes available in different materials and fits, they help you grip and give your hands a break from wear and tear.

  • Rock tape

    Handy to have to help protect you against injury and/or provide some support for lifting

Scale ($$) – commonly from $75-200

  • Membership or membership add-on for a month

    Buying a month of membership is a pretty simple thing to do and isn’t generally all that expensive. The other thing you could do, depending on the box at which they are a member, is purchase a monthly add-on. Some boxes have separate weightlifting or nutritional programs, and a month’s membership add-on that covers those additional programs might be a great way to kick start the next phase of training for your athlete friend or family member.

  • Clinic registration

    Many boxes offer supplementary specialty clinics that are subject to a separate fee. Talk to their box and find out what upcoming clinic of interest to them you could pay to add on to their membership.

  • Kettle bell for home

    A kettle bell for home is a handy thing to have, you just have to be careful to pick the right weight – too light and it won’t be that useful, and too heavy is bound to be an issue too. Aim for 1 good (35lb) for women, and 1.5 food (53lb) or higher for men, depending on strength level.

  • Nanos or Lifters (shoes)

    The right footwear in the box is a factor in performance and until someone has tried one of these two types of specialty shoes, they may not realize what kind of difference it might mean. Lifters are flat and rigid on the bottom with virtually no rise from toe to heel, making them very stable for weightlifting. Nanos are good all-around crossfit shoes that are somewhere between a lifter and a running shoe. They are still quite flat, but lack the cushioning of a runner.

  • Shin guards/sleeves

    Box jumps and deadlifts are a hazard to one’s shins. So shin guards/sleeves meant for weightlifting are a great wearable piece of protection.

  • Advanced jump rope

    Once double unders are in sight, a better quality jump rope is a priority.

  • Workout or recovery drinks/shakes

    Various BCAA drinks and protein workout recovery drinks are well received by crossfit athletes and become a staple of their workout regimen in short order. Just talk to their coach about which ones they recommend.

  • Apparel

    Workout clothes are always well received and generally you can never have to much, especially if you workout somewhere with significant climate changes from season to season.

  • Reading material

    There’s great learning material available from several publishers, with the go-to book being “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Kelly Starrett – if they don’t have any crossfit books, that’s a fantastic place to start.

  • Registration for a competition or other event

    Where there are boxes there are fitness events they could use to test their fitness, whether an actual crossfit event or otherwise. So buying a registration for such an event would be a pretty simple gift to grab for your crossfitter. An obstacle course run, a charity 5k or 10k run, an inter-box meet or a large regional crossfit competition – all are worthy or consideration, depending on just how seriously your friend or family member takes their training.

Rx ($$$) – most often than not, from $200 – $750

  • Membership or membership add-on for 6 months

    As above but for a longer test drive, you could cover their membership or an expanded membership with an add-on for a chunk of time to give them an opportunity to see the benefit.

  • Barbell and plates

    If you have the space, a proper Olympic barbell and modest set of plates to start would be a fantastic thing to have at home. Most people will save their aggressive work for at the gym when they have coaching and spotters, so the idea is not to replace the gym but to supplement it to allow for some technique work to be done independently.

  • Kettlebell set

    Again if you have room, having a variety of weights of kettle bells at your disposal rather than one fixed weight would be another great way to take some WOD work home with you and give your athlete some choices.

  • More apparel

    The gift of workout wear can always be scaled up and there are lots of choices – short and long sleeve tops, shorts and pants, under garments, hats, headbands and more.

  • Pro ($$$$) – plan on $1000 or more

    • Membership for a Year (for them or even for you!)

      If they’re already pretty keen, the gift of a year’s membership would be exciting. What might be even more exciting to many, believe it or not, would be six months for them and six months for you. And then you wouldn’t have to listen to them drone on about how you should try it because you’d already be doing it. Think about that.

    • Rower or attack bike

      Not the most inexpensive piece of equipment one could buy, but certainly one that would be easy to find a use for, as both are stables of the workouts in the box. Being able to do them at home would simply provide your athlete with the opportunity to expand their overall fitness capacity.

    • L1 Certificate Course

      If they’ve been doing Crossfit for a while, they may already be thinking about taking the L1 certificate course. It’s an intensive 2-day seminar series that dives into some pretty valuable knowledge from expert crossfit trainers on how to perform each movement safely and efficiently and when you complete the course and pass the included test, you may also then begin coaching in Crossfit. Even if coaching is not your athlete’s ambition, the learning in the L1 course may be something they truly appreciate.

    • Trip to Watch the Games

      If they’re really into Crossfit, this is a ticket to Crossfit’s Super Bowl. From August 1st to the 6th 2017, the Crossfit Games will be in Madison, Wisconsin. The Games couldn’t be any more exciting than they would be live.

    Have ideas that didn’t make my list? Tell me about them!

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